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FREE LLC Construction is serving the Picayune community by bringing quality craftsmanship and servicing properly owners who have come to count on us

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Why People Choose Free

We are a one stop shop for all property owners needs.

Why deal with multiple contractors for different trades when you can deal with one, get the best pricing, and best warranties.

Interested in going solar but need a roof first?

Need a roof but want to utilize the 1.49% solar financing to pay your deductible ?

Want to roll in some new windows, insulation, or an ac to a solar payment as well?

Deal with ONE contractor meanwhile getting a 30% TAX CREDIT from the federal government on ANY items rolled in with our solar financing option for a limited time

With multiple options to fit your needs, we can set you FREE from having to hire multiple contractors to coordinate with.

We are insured

You don’t want just anyone working on your property - we carry insurance in the case something should happen during your project.

We are licensed

Free LLC has all the proper credentials for the work we will be preforming on your home.

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Working Process

What is Our Process ?


Get a Free Inspection or Estimate

The first step is to book an appointment where we can discuss your property and it’s needs. This is complimentary.


Accept the Contract and Begin Work

Once you accept our estimate we will start the work up to the contracts scope specifications.


Final Punch

We will do a final walk through addressing any concerns, ensuring the project is done to our standards.


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