When To Call A Roofer

Many homeowners have placed their trust in the very popular 30 year shingles. Most shingle brands offer a 30 year architectural shingle; however, not all architectural shingles are the same. Some have additional features to offer protection against hail, some have extra thick nail lines for additional wind protection, while others have Scotch Guard infused to protect against the unsightly black streaks caused by algae. Most brands do not have ANY of those added features, but that’s for a later post.

The important question for you as a homeowner to ask is “Will my roof last 30 years?” In short, maybe. Just like any other large purchase that we make in life, your roof needs proper maintenance. For example, your car can survive for hundreds of thousands of miles, but only if the oil is changed on time, tires are rotated, and all other aspects maintained. In the same way, the seal lines on your roofing system need to be continually checked, the nails and flashing will likely need to be re-secured and sealed, your valleys need to be kept clean, and so many other components of the roof need to be checked annually in order to get the full 30 years out of a 30 year roof.

So when should you call a roofer? You could do like the myriad of homeowners who get less than 20 good years out of their roof and wait until you notice a stain on your ceiling to call. You could be the DIYer and check it out yourself, if you’re confident to get on a roof. Or you could call a roofing contractor who offers complimentary inspections. The greatest way to ensure that your roof will last for 30+ years is to have it inspected annually by a qualified roofing expert. Check out our Facebook page for updates on things that indicate roof leaks. The best time to stop a leak is BEFORE it happens.